About Us

biarb chamber

Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration (BIArb) is a registered institution for dispute management established with an endeavor to create an ambience where people can work together to find long term solutions to their conflicts and tensions. Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration provides facilities for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which comprises institutional and ad hoc arbitration; mediation/conciliation and negotiation. BIArb has a panel of arbitrators and mediators, who are best acknowledged for their honesty, neutrality and proficiency, for effective resolution of disputes outside the courts and tribunals. The BIArb provide support and administrative services which include, providing space for hearings, arranging dates for meetings between the tribunal and parties’ representatives, and acting as the registry, depository of pleadings/ documents/ correspondence etc.

BIArb also offers various training courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to anyone who wants to learn about managing and resolving disputes.