BIArb offers membership in a number of different categories.  In order to become a member of BIArb, a person has to either complete BIArb training or have the experience that is commensurate to the knowledge and skills required by BIArb. For a membership in BIArb, you have to demonstrate a high standard of excellence and proficiency when it comes to dispute avoidance and resolution.

Member (MBIArb)

This membership is available to anyone who is interested in Arbitration.

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Associate (ABIArb)

Whether you are new to ADR or have some prior experience or knowledge, you can become an associate of BIArb by undergoing certain training or otherwise satisfies the Council that…

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Fellow (FBIArb)

For being a Fellow of BIArb, you have to demonstrate advance knowledge of arbitration to a peer interview panel. BIArb will maintain a panel of Arbitrators who will be selected…

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Become a Member

Membership of BIArb is open to any person or entity of good standing with a bona fide interest in international commercial arbitration or ADR, including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, academics, business persons, law firms and commercial and trading organisations.

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