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Arbitrator in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Definition of Arbitrator

The term ‘Arbitrator’ is defined as the qualified person who conduct procedure of arbitration of disputed matter which has been introduced before them for declaration and execution of a binding and enforceable award for the concerned dispute. In order to appoint arbitrator in Dhaka, Bangladesh for arbitration, it has to be ensured that the arbitrator is impartial and independent.

Quorum of Arbitrator in Bangladesh

Commonly, there shall be a quorum of arbitrators constituted with one to three members and among them, one of the arbitrators shall be involved to such quorum by the concerned arbitration center in Bangladesh and the other members of the arbitrator in Bangladesh shall be suggested by each parties of the conflict. Arbitration institute in Bangladesh has several qualified arbitrator in Bangladesh to resolve the conflicts between the parties.

In order to appoint arbitrator in Bangladesh for arbitration, it has to be ensured that the arbitrator is impartial and independent. Section 13 of the Arbitration Act 2001 states the grounds for challenging the arbitrator in Bangladesh. If there arises any question regarding the process of arbitration in the arbitration center in Bangladesh, and independence and impartiality of the arbitrator’s, in that case the Arbitration Act allows the parties to make a written representation to the arbitral tribunal within 30 days of knowing about the incompetency or partiality of the arbitrator of BD.

Qualifications of the Arbitrator in Bangladesh

Most of the commercial arbitration institute in Bangladesh or arbitration center in Bangladesh is dealt by the retired Appellate Division or High Court Justices. Additionally, the retired district judges and senior lawyers of High Court Division also act as arbitrator in Bangladesh.

The arbitrator in Bangladesh persistently makes an effort to maintain an effective resolution of disputes outside the court and tribunal. The Arbitration Act 2001 deals with the agreements in relation to the concerned disputes, the numbers of arbitrator in Bangladesh, selection of arbitration institute in Bangladesh to execute the arbitration, other related activities following the rules of arbitration center in Bangladesh.

Arbitrator in Dhaka, Bangladesh Symposium on the Scope of International Commercial

Symposium on the Scope of International Commercial Arbitration in Bangladesh


A number of experienced arbitrator in Bangladesh works with BIArb and they help facilitating the arbitration center in Bangladesh being more effective. Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration (BIArb) is a registered arbitration institution in Bangladesh for dispute management where the concerned parties can seek help to solve their conflicts by out of court settlement procedure by the arbitrator in Bangladesh.