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Welcome to Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration

Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration (BIArb) is a registered institution for dispute management established with an endeavor to create an ambience where people can work together to find long term solutions to their conflicts and tensions. Bangladesh Institute of Arbitration provides facilities for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which comprises institutional and ad hoc arbitration; mediation/conciliation and negotiation. BIArb has a panel of arbitrators and mediators, who are best acknowledged for their honesty, neutrality and proficiency, for effective resolution of disputes outside the courts and tribunals. The BIArb provide support and administrative services which include, providing space for hearings, arranging dates for meetings between the tribunal and parties' representatives, and acting as the registry, depository of pleadings/ documents/ correspondence etc. BIArb also offers various training courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to anyone who wants to learn about managing and resolving disputes. See More


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President's Message

"In 2020, the world experienced dramatic events that in essence have crystalised the need for all of us to consider a far more collaborative approach to managing most aspect of our lives.

Conflict Avoidance and Dispute Resolution have now become an absolutely integral aspect of our societies regardless of geographical distance, borders, or culture. We at the BIArb considers Arbitration(that has been considered to many as a critical form of alternate dispute resolution) as the generic term for resolving discord and disputes, as it was long before the principles of laws and courts were established.See More

Bangladesh had as early as in 2016 taken steps at managing the overwhelming number of pending cases (about 85,000 according to the then Law Minister Mr. Anisul Haque) through alternative dispute resolution instead of through the traditional court process. These have since led to the establishment of several institutions, centres and organisations promoting dispute resolution with greater focus on arbitration at times.

It is my incredible honour and pleasure to be part of and lead the BIArbto fulfill its vision and deliver on its mission of advising on; promoting the knowledge of; educating through professional training, accreditation and improving the skills and expertise; and administering through its facilities – every aspect of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Yes, it is indeed appropriate as opposed to alternate/alternative – dispute resolution, simply because we are now in a world that is looking far more at what is the most appropriate (and often consensual and less adversarial) form of dispute resolution. Many of these forms of ADR are now far more structured (with rules, protocol, acts and regulations) and as binding (with its agreements, decisions, determinations and reports).

By way of back ground, I have been a conflict avoidance and dispute resolution practitioner since 1995 and currently an accredited Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre, Singapore Family Justice Court, Asian International Arbitration Centre, Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Centre, and the International Dispute Resolution Risk Management Institute (Hong Kong); an Arbitrator being Fellows of the Chartered, Singapore and Philippines Institutes of Arbitrators; practices and trained as an Adjudicator and in International Treaty Arbitration at the AIAC; and the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation’s Country Representative (Singapore). In early 2019, my book Resolving Disputes, a Guide to the Options for Appropriate Dispute Resolution was published by Marshall Cavendish International Asia.

I will working with the leadership and Advisory team at the BIArb (bringing onboard my particular approach and leadership including from my experiences as a legal practitioner locally in Singapore, internationally and in house corporate counsel, together with my five years asan Infantry Officer with the Singapore Armed Forces)in setting a clear road map for the BIArb’simmediate, medium and long term– that will consider the appropriate mechanism of dispute resolution best suited to Bangladesh and the regionally nations for a variety of industries and professions;  formulate and set up the framework for each mechanism’s administration, rules, procedure, education and training; and ultimately lead the BIArb on the path of being the premiere appropriate dispute resolution institution in Bangladesh and the region."See Less

Anil Changaroth

Mediator, Arbitrator & Adjudicator
Advocate and Solicitor of Singapore and
Solicitor of England and Wales
Commissioner for Oaths & Notary Public Singapore

Vice President's Message

"BIArb is a great organization with an excellent vision to learn international arbitration in a better way. We know that Arbitration is the best mode to settle disputes arising out of international transactions since the parties can shape the rules according to the specific needs of the particular disputes and select the arbitrators accordingly. However, the parties often do not make the full use of the benefits that arbitration offers due to a lack of knowledge. BIArb intends to establish an international platform to make efficient use of the wide freedom provided by party autonomy in arbitration."

A.M. Masum

Mediator, Arbitrator & Adjudicator
Bar-at-Law & Senior Advocate,
Appellate Division, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Become a Member

Membership of BIArb is open to any person or entity of good standing with a bona fide interest in international commercial arbitration or ADR, including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, academics, business persons, law firms and commercial and trading organisations.

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